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3D Shell For Ezb V4 Camera

Hi guys i was very busy this past 2 minths and i have not been on ez robot alot.I need help with th v4 camera.i ordered the developers kit and the camera did nit come with a 3 d printed shell can someone give me a link to where i can get the 3d printed shell


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Click on 3D Printed Community from the top menu - right under COMMUNITY


3D print it right from the ARC software

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Thanks for the help will be sharing my project soon


Awesome! looking forward to it:)

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Just one more thing i heard that ez robot makes there own custom screws.So if I get the 3d printed shell wont i need the custom screws to screw it on to the ezb


@Mohamed.r .... . I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to find screws where you live that would work just fine..... They are not that unique that you can't find alternatives to fit.... You can always glue the case shut instead of using screws... Albeit permanent, it would still work fine...

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Thanks rich would i also be able to do this for my sensor that comes with the developers kit

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And would it be fine to use glue on the camera board because the entire board including the resisters are exposed so if i put glue would it affect the resisters and the rest of the board


I doubt glue like Crazy Glue would, but try not to get any on the board anyway... If you are using ABS you can also use acetone to glue the case together....

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So just correct me if im wrong.

First i get the shell for the ezb 3D printed. Then i take out the 3D printed screws and glue the shell to the camera. And also will the 3D printed screw come out using a screw driver

Thanks Mohamed


There won't be any 3d printed screws, just the 3d printed case.... All you have to do is take the 3d printed case to a hardware store and find screws that will fit the holes. That's it....

Don't glue the shell to the camera... The shell should be in 2 pieces... just glue the 2 pieces together (careful not to get too much glue on the camera.... especially not the lens!)

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Thanks rich I now understand this much better

I first have to stick the 2 parts of the shell together then find the correct screws and screw it on