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3D Printing Designer Resources (Camera / Micro Servo)

I am trying to find stl files for the ez-robot camera and the ez-robot micro-hd servo but I am unable to track them down.

It was noted in a previous thread that the micro sd servo is only available in ARC , but I have downloaded it and I can't find it in the Bit Library. Additionally while there have been a couple of people who have created designs around the camera on thingiverse I cannot find the files for the camera itself to create those designs.

If anyone has, or can link to stl files for the camera or the micro server it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Alex


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I did find the micro servo part in Ez - builder. For the camera I am looking for a file of the actual camera, not just a camera holder if that makes sense.

Thanks for the help!



You are seeking an .stl of the camera PCB with no shell on it?