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3D Printer Size

What size 3d Printer is needed for the hexapod and JD robot parts?


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United Kingdom
Hi slim6072 we don't know yet hopefully soon but it looks like any of the current 3D desktop printers should do allowing for software compatability
I am looking at the Cube

5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5
I recommend an Ultimaker! I use one and it is great. Makerbot Replicator 2 is good as well but after doing some research I felt like the Ultimaker was better, but honestly I would like to try the Replicator 2 one day. Both printers are capable of getting great prints.
United Kingdom
The Makerbot Replicator didn't get great reviews on here. After reading the problems DJ had with Makerbot and the Replicator I wouldn't even consider one personally.

The Cube should be OK since DJ mentioned it in the presentation. He uses a CubeX. The Cube should be stocked by Staples soon, if it isn't already.
United Kingdom
Hi Feroze I think compatibility with ARC will be the most important thing but maybe not I'm only guessing
Any 3D printer should work with ARC... All 3D printers accept .stl files and I suppose ARC will be providing the stl files for you. Then use your own slicing software to send it to the printer.

In my research I would not get the Cube, mainly because your limited to buying cartridges only from 3D systems, and they are almost double what you get otherwise. I also heard the quality is not that great on the Cube. As far as I can tell it does not have a fan, and with PLA a fan helps a lot! Also does not have a heated bed, not really necessary for PLA though, but it is nice.

Honestly if you can afford it, the Ultimaker is a great 3D printer but a bit expensive. Printrbot 3D printers are a great value, but the support is not so good.
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User-inserted image

One size does matter 11.7 x 10.8 x 9.8 high.

Second what filaments does it print.

Third early birthday present to self... lol (yes i am an old one)... more info to come...

link to site for TAZ 3...