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3D Design Software

Can the group recommend 3D design software that is relatively easy to use and will allow me to take .stl files like those of the EZ-Bits and modify them? I'd prefer free software or something with a free trial so I can experience it before paying retail price.

Does everyone just use the software that comes with their printers or is there a must have 3rd party application for the 3D design.

And here is another newbie question, what exactly does "supports" do for your print if you enable it?


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I am leaning Blender (it's free)... It has a steep learning curve, but the price is right... LOL.... If I can learn it, then you can easily, Justin... Lots of tutorials on Youtube...

For my slicing (Flashforge creator pro) I use Simplify3d... It cost around $140US but worth every penny... It doesn't work with every printer so you will have to check before buying... There are a few free slicing software out there like Makerware and replicatorG if you prefer

Supports keep overhangs (usually around 45 degs or greater) from falling as the filament gets extruded...


Justin, just like Richard R., I'm also digging into Blender for 3D design and I also have the FlashForge Creator dual extruder model. I'm also considering Simplify3D for slicing 3D models for the best prints.


I'll be learning a new program called "Onshape" tomorrow, it's free as well and it's created by the original Solidworks team. It's unique in that it's browser based, check it out:

They have a bunch of videos on their front page that get you orientated pretty quickly.