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30 Year Wait Is Over

My 30 year wait is finaly over:D
Many many years ago a book came out called controling the world with your pc
For years i wanted it but could never find a copy and when i did i could not aford it
Today my long awaited copy came in:D


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Oops make that closer to 20 years came out in 94
Ok so i cant do math when i need a coffee lol
Wolfie ...As your ..I think closest EZ Robot neighbor living on SSI you seem to be also into collecting old books?! If you are I can give you a local contact person who has an amazing book collection for sale!....ps how is any robot creating/making proceding?....check out my "steampunked robot head" in the project section!
Yes i am into old books sofare only have the one and for some time will only have one as these days im not working still have my job just not working so every thing is on hold but not my coffee lol