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2S Lipo Vs Servo

First I like to say that i'm very happy with your products
But here we go:)
A fully charged lipo puts out 8.2 volts and the servo's that are in the kits can have max 7.4 volts. I used in my projects cheap towerpro 995 servo's and a stepdown regulator to put out max 6 volts because if i put the full lipo voltage on them they begin to smell funny and start to work as a smoke generator.
I am starting to replace the cheap servo's with ez-robot servo's but dispite the fact that a compleet robotkit has a lipo i am worried that the servo's will go up in smoke.

I also fly rchelicopters and those servo's use 5 volt and i never have burnt out one
so can the ez-robot servo deal with the output voltage of a lipo battery?


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All ez robot robots use a 7.4V lipo (peaked 8v+) batteries so the ez robot servos are meant to to be used with them...
I use 7.4v lipos with cheap tower pro 995 servos with generally no issues... I think the quality of the 995s are the issue here as these servos are knock offs of knock offs and so on... They should be able to handle a fully charged 7.4 lipo, but if they smoke it's probably due to poor quality rather than the increased voltage....
Thank you for the reply
It's always the mosfets that get fried:(
but they are aliexpress quality so yes you are right