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2D Variables

Is it possible to build a 2D array with the EZ script ? If yes, is it possible to save the array after to re-use it ? I am still a long way before my robot hardware is completed, I just installed the two motors today and I stopped because of lack of screws :( Still, I'd like to learn more so when my Robot is ready I will be able to program it.

When ready I want to drive my robot around and let it do the same road by itself after. He has a big built because I intended to make him move my lawmower:)
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You could always use the recorder control to record and repeat the commands. Much simpler than writing the script.
It look good Rich, in the description it said it record the communication and we can trigger them with a script but it did not give examples at all. I will rephrase, I do not see examples. I still need to practice my anglish so sorry if my expressions are not good.
United Kingdom
Basically it records all actions (with a few exceptions as detailed on the tutorial page). Then you can use the script command ControlCommand() to run the recording. There was an issue with large recordings, I don't know if this has been fixed yet since I've never used that control.

So basically;
Add the Recorder
Hit the record button
Drive your robot around
Hit stop

You can now use the following script command to start playback


ControlCommand("Recorder", RecorderPlayForward)

You can even play it in reverse to go back to the start with


ControlCommand("Recorder", RecorderPlayReverse)

If you get stuck with it I'll have a play with it and do a quick tutorial on how to record and how to play it back.

Your English is good enough for me to understand, to be honest I had no idea it wasn't your first language until you mentioned it.
As always you give good answer, I am very happy to have you arround to help. You help me a lot with the compass and now you are even more helpfull !

I will play with the new command a little bit, my big one is far from being able to move but I will receive a base with track this week for a little one so I will have fun trying this with it. My futur robot will have big limitations because I use industrial drives for the motors unstead of the Dual motors controler. The two actual motors are 24vdc, 30 amps... They were used to move something like a big wrapping machine before. The place I work sell them to me at a very good price.

On the big one I plan to use obstacle detection, do you think an event can stop the play function ?

Again, thank you Rich !
Hey @Andre99, I know you would like to make a 2D variable in a script and save it. Since Rich has been helpful quite a bit already for you, I think there is another forum thread with some really good Rich information here that might help you accomplish what you are hoping to do.

Let me know if this is what you had in mind:)
Thank you Geoff Hawes and Rich for your time and precious help !