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2.5A H Bridge

HI all ive got the 2.5A H bridge and have gone through a whole load of tutorials but one thing im not to sure on as i cant find anything on this is the voltage into the vcc. I want to use 24v as thats what my motors are using but because im using 7volts on the ez b v4 i want to use the switch for the 5v feed and not have a feed from ez b to the 5v+. Is 24v going to fire the h bridge if im using 24v or is the voltage reg on the board good for that voltage. Sorry if its a silly question just dont want to fry anything.



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The 2.5a motor controller should be able to handle 24v... They are dirt cheap (L298 Dual H-Bridge) anyway so I wouldn't worry too much... Just remember the controller can only supply 2.5amps though so your 24v motors better be frugal....

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Ive run tests and they pull under 2.5A so i know their safe that way just wanted to know if thats all good to use the switch to run the 5+ side or if i will have to have its own feed. Dont want to cook or blow the voltage reg on the board.


Well that would depend on what you are using 5v for... it's basically a bec but I am not sure how much current the voltage regulator can provide... 250ma? 1amp? or ?

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Im using the the one that is supplied by ez robot and there is a +5v input for the board itself but can also be powered from vcc via a switch on the board. I just need to know if thats ok, Ill see if i can find the datasheet on the regulator on that board.


FWIW, I have a very similar Hbridge, it looks almost identical but its not from ezrobots, it can only handle up to 10V when you use the builtin 5v regulator, for more than 10v, I need to set a jumper to disable the builtin regulator.

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i checked the data sheet on the the regulator and it can take upto 35v.


Where did you find the data sheet for this H-bridge or are you referring to the on board regulator? You would think that the H-Bridge sold by EZ Robot would have info as to the min and max voltage you can use. It would be nice to have a link to a data sheet right on the H-Bridge's product page. I couldn't find it either.

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I thought maybe it was just me who could not find any info on ez robots one.I watched the video DJ Sures had done but it does not explain min and max voltages or how you can link up for the switch. I just looked up the regualtor on the board itself. Im still unsure on this switch and how it can feed the +5v or if i need to run its own and have that switch in a certain position.


EZB4/ioTiny specs... EZB4 specs FYI the ezb4 and ioTiny do not have an on board 5v regulator ... power in = power out on the power pin (red pin)

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We are talking about the H bridge motor driver board not the output from the ez b, I know that puts out what u put in. But I'm trying to find out if it's OK for 24v in the vcc and if that power source can also run this 5v feed via the on board regulator or if I need to run its own feed to that block.


In your last post you weren't clear on which one you were talking about...