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2.4Ghz Mini Wireless Camera

Hello, Does any one know the brand name of the camera pictured in the tutorial? I have been looking to buy a USB wireless camera and I can't find anythng on line at all. I thought I could go direct to the manufacturer if I knew the brand name. Nothing on Ebay for weeks now. Anyone know where I can buy one?


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This looks like a possible Wireless Webcam


If it has a PC driver that ARC can recognise it will be very handy. Slightly costly however


Hi Guys, i have been looking for weeks now to no avail. Does anyone have a clue as to were to get a Konig or for that matter any USB wireless webcam. I have really looked and the only place to get them is overseas and they want $79.00 + shipping. This is really a bummer because I really want my robot to be able to see. All the wireless USB hubs I have bought (3) and retruned all, do not support cameras or mics (bet you didn't know that). Anyway does anyone have a solution to this delimma? Roger the bookmaker


I found this cheap IP camera with pan and tilt!

I have vaguely read in these forums of people using IP cameras with ARC but I seem to remember that not all IP cameras have windows webcam drivers.


I do not beleive an IP cam will work. May be DJ could chime in and let us know.


Hi Boomaker,

Here is where to get the camera:

It cost $50US, free shipping. They sell Red, Blue and black, but make sure that you buy the blue since I bought a red and found out that the circuit was different than the one on DJ's tutorial and also had night vision.(Though I figured out how to make it work with the ez-b)



Will those work on Windows7 64 bit? The package says Windows XP and Vista.


Maybe one of these and one of these cameras? At best i think i found 32bit windows7 compatibility. The others that say specifically 64bit and windows7 have larger receivers and separate PS.


Nick, You are my bestes buddy from now on. I have been looking for a month now. It took all of five minutes after I read you post to have ordered it. I have tried every other option out there and this seems to be the only one that does the job. Thank you so very much. It sounds like I may need a tutorial from you to get it going. Many thanks from Roger the bookmaker


No problem Bookmaker. It's all for one and one for all.;)


Hay Nick, I just noticed that this camera is a different brand. That explains the different Circuit. Another thing I noticed is that there is no USB dongle pictured. I assume that it does come with one? Can you verify that? Thanks, Roger the bookmaker


Nicolson, I received my camera and it is almost identical to the Konig. Where did you tap into the on off switch? I can't seem to find the correct soder joint.


Hi Bookmaker sorry for not responding earlier, I was so busy that I did not check the forum. To turn on the switch with the ez-b, you will need to solder 2 wires to the terminals of the on/off push-button, one wire on each terminal. if you short the push-button by temporarly connecting these 2 wires for 2 or 3 seconds, the camera will turn on. So what you need to do is to get the ez-b to short them for you with the set digital. To do so simply take these wires to the ez-b, connect the red wire to a digital port and the green wire to ground (see the picture), then temporarly turn the set digital port on for 2 or 3 seconds then off, and your camera will stay on!

To charge the battery, I connected 2 other wires directly from the battery terminal to one of the 5 volts output of the ez-b and ground.

If you need futher clarification, please keep in touch.


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Using the fancy new search feature, i found this thread that has pics of where to solder wires onto the camera

Clickity Click


Thanks, That does clear things up however this brand of camera is 3.3 volts not 5V. By the way, where is the fancy new search feature?


It is 3.3v, but we're all running it off the 5v supply from the EZ-B. Seems to work just fine


why are you guys looking for other usb cameras when DJ sells them here on his site?


Note the date on the posts. Back then DJ did not have them and at times they were very hard to find on e-bay. DJ, as usual, has solved the problem.


We are close to being able to post cameras as being in stock again. Once we're caught up with orders, we will be able to maintain a steady inventory.