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United Kingdom

Yes and no.

Yes as it's I2C so it will work. No as in nobody has yet to figure out how to make it display what is required. I had one, I threw it away after a couple of weeks of messing around with multiple combinations of codes. There is no usable datasheet for it and all that is available is an Arduino script which doesn't help very much at all.

The best I could manage was getting the backlight on and moving the flashing cursor around on the display. Actually displaying information from a script I could not figure out.


ok thanks. but how do you think Dj did it on his omnibot 2000?

United Kingdom

A different LCD display I expect. There are a lot of different ones out there, the easiest and the one DJ recommends are Serial LCD Displays.

I can't say I've really looked at his Omni 2000 though, he may have figured it out with that one but when I was looking there was no solution on here and nobody spoke up to help so I can only assume it's more trouble than it's worth.