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15 Pounds Weight On The Robot.

I would like to fix on a robot model a TV Screen and a PC, and be able to move around with it. The project would require a stronger platform, ideally with high amounts of torque. I got told that the best place is here to find out.

Therefore I ask:

  1. Can the Revolution Roli model tolerate such weight?
  2. Can the Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis model tolerate such weight?

Thanks for the kind reply.


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Wheelchair motors, a 25 amp h-bridge and 12-24 volt battery can carry up to 300 pounds. For 15, you could probably do with windshield wiper motors which can be found for a lot less money, and a 6-12 vilt battery, but keep in mind the weight of the batteries and chassis as well.

I am using wheelchair motors for my big bot that I expect to come in at 60-70 pounds total.



Wow! Thanks Everyone! That is a good advice. I still wondering about how I can adapt a remote to control it by wi-fi.


BTW, thetechguru (Alan) - can you also tell us more about your robot project? 60-70? Impressive.


Google Zagros robot base (just bought one)... You're looking for maybe the Max '99 12 inch robot base. I think they would be perfect for you...

Here's the link Zagros


It says it has a maximum payload of 35 lbs. The wheelchair would make a better option in my opinion. Because if you want to add everything to it, it will weigh more.


@MovieMaker... They have bigger bases, but the op said in his subject title he wanted something that can carry 15lbs...


The iRobot Roomba and Create units could also be used with just a bit of hacking.


To answer the question about my bot. It is going to be a Steampunk Dog. Wheelchair motors weight about 30 pounds on their own, then 2 12v lawn mower batteries adds about 17 more pounds. I am building my Panasonic Toughbook into it for the brains (although rethinking that lately) and it is a heafty 12 pounds.

Body will be an MDF base with a PVC frame, covered in sheet brass or copper. Assorted other bits and pieces, and it adds up pretty fast.



What size of robot are you shooting for? The title says 15 pounds but you also said youre putting a tv and PC on it. We may be thinking of a larger tv and pc than you. It will help us tailor a suggestion for you that is more in line with your vison of what you want. I would hate for you to over spend on making a larger robot than you intend because that can increase the costs.

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The Zagros motors are really nice, I use them in the EZ:1 Robot. Because they have high resolution encoders you can use PID to obtain very accurate movements, which is great for volume occupancy mapping algorithms, here is the base

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Tony, How much does the EZ:1 Robot weigh?

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Rex, an EZ:1 Robot with batteries and one (5DOF) arm connected = 29 lbs or 13.15Kg

A big part of my design strategy with the EZ:1 and EZ:2 robots is their weight to power consumption ratio, thats why we use fiberglass which is amazingly strong but very light weight. Robots like this are easy to manually move around (when you need to) and have battery run times that can be from 4 to 6 hours of general use (moving around), when static the run time is obviously much longer.