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12V 50/200/260Rpm Gw370 Reversible High Torque Turbo Worm Geared Dc Motor

I am working on my Omnibot 2000 and am thinking out of simplicity swapping out the original gearbox with these 12V 200 Reversible High Torque Worm Geared DC Motors. They look similar to the DS9180 Torque Alloy 12V/24V/ 110kg-180kg/cm Servos that is discussed on another thread, however not equipped with the servo control board.

Soliciting advice from those active on this forum who have converted their Omnibots to the EZ-B; would these gearbox motors be effective and efficient at moving the omnibot around? I realize there are many parameters to consider.

I would adapt the existing drive wheels and there would be about 8 to 10 pounds of added weight to the robot considering batteries, Mini ITX motherboard, EZ-B, sesors, added servos, etc.

The motors are Size: 80x32x40mm and have 6mm diameter shafts.

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I and everyone on here with a 2000 uses the gear box and motor that came with the robot. Use an ezrobot hbridge and you’re set :)


Okay! Thanks for the feedback. That is the route that I will end up going. I'll order an ezrobot hbridge!