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12 Volt Power Supply Recommendation Needed

Evening All

I'm looking for a 12 volt power supply recommendation for a build. I'm running 4 12 volt motors (nothing heavy duty) with H bridges, a sound and neon system, and a few smaller setups (lower voltage). I'll be tying in an EZ board (last generation board until I upgrade my laptop) and using voltage regulators along with plenty of fuses. I'm fine with internal or external (my build is stationary for now). I'm thinking 6 amps should be sufficient. Power bricks like those used for laptops have been suggested but I want to look at all my options.

Any advice is always welcome.




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A lot will depend on how long you want the robot to function. Lithium packs will offer the amperage capacity with less weight and heat but at a higher cost than SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) packs that cost less and weigh more.
Hi Danial,

I use these in my B9. I have one in the leg section and a couple more in the torso. Probably overkill but when it comes to power I think you cant have enough. They input 120 VAC and put out 12 VDC with max 12.5amp.

150W 12V Regulated Power Supply

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Thanks everyone. I think I'm good to go.