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1 Motor Controller Controlling 4 Motors

i was thinking of building a tank of some sort using 4 motors from old rc cars. however, dont want to deal with the 2 hbridge problem. came up with this. i know the voltage could be a problem, and i will connect the hbridge to a seprate power pack, but over all, IS IT POSSIBLE?

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didnt bother showing the other side but you get the picture.


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Teeing off to two motors should be fine provided you don't exceed the current rating of the controller I'd have thought.


what im thinking of doing is taking an rc car base and ez-fying it. will use the l298 motor controller and will use one for steering, the other for controlling 2 rear motors. the motors i will use were in 2 cars that use 4 AA batteries(6v). guessing each motor is 4-6v.

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or ill try to use this one car i just found and add some fun stuff to it.