Live Robot Hack Session

Wall Climbing Robot Live Hack....We suck again!

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Sucky McSuckerton will live to suck another day! I now have a brand new 3.7V 600mAh LiPo which should sustain the load of 3 motors working at the same time. This RC wall-climbing car will be transformed into a wall climbing robot. Instead of using a third party H-bridge I think I'll try my hand at hacking the original circuit board. We may try to add a camera if it's not too heavy. If there's time we'll do some improvements to the 3D printed Rhinobot.

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Lol at your title. I’m looking forward to seeing if the new battery fixed the glitchy servo issue. Be so sucky If it works!!


Haha yep! I actually found that when switched to a low voltage H-Bridge all the problems went away. I believe the issue is likely that the servo electronics can't run properly at such a low voltage (3.7V). Servos are usually only rated down to 4.8V, beneath that voltage is likely where mysterious things can happen. I might do some tests to verify this theory.