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Thomas the Train Live Hack....The better version of his former self!

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I had this idea a while back of using the classic wooden train tracks that everyone seems to have hiding in their basements or attic to have an autonomous train navigating on them. Who better to be that robot than Thomas the train himself! I picked up a motorized Thomas the Train at the thrift store a couple weeks back with DJ.

Well as expected the project went off the rails!xD This Friday we'll clean up the build and start making Thomas do cool things he's never been able to do. Like listen to instructions!

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This is so cool. You can change the number of frames required to trigger the detection script in the camera control settings. I think right now it's set for 15. Due to the speed of the train coming around the corner, it might be better to lower that number

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Good call DJ!

I overlooked that feature, thanks for pointing it out!