Live Robot Hack Session

Thomas the Train Live Hack!

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I had this idea a while back of using the classic wooden train tracks, that everyone seems to have hiding in their basements or attic, to have an autonomous train navigating on them. Who better to be that robot than Thomas the train himself! I picked up a motorized Thomas the Train at the thrift store last week with DJ. Let's let off some steam this Friday by hacking Thomas! Let's hope this project doesn't go off the rails like the last one:D

Aha ha that train scared me when I was a kid ,I was smart as a kid and terrified that a Train had a Face, LOL! Should be a fun Hack!xD
sorry i missed the live hack.had a minor brain week check up .
Oh man, I’m very sorry to hear that Nomad. I hope the check up goes well.
it looks very minor.yesterday i could not see thru my left eye for 1.5 hour .was cleaning the fridge and stut up and the visual was blur.
strange how things happen.thanks for the respons.
Too bad to hear nomad. Hope you’re doing better. Sounds like you’re in good spirits at least:)
Hi dj
yes spirit is good.thanks