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I'm awaiting some parts for the previous project so Grippy is on hold for a little bit.

With Valentine's day coming up I thought a project featuring digital flowers would be fitting! This project is not original but rather a reinterpretation of the "Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip" by Jiri Praus. Jiri's YouTube Channel is:

Instead of an Arduino nano or ESP32 I'm going to use an IoTiny to give the project a bit more life! Of course, I'll be utilizing the ARC software to make it happen. This is going to be an interesting project, with a lot of soldering involved. There's bound to be some hardships along the way, so join me and let my failures be your entertainment:D

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Sorry all, I'm gonna have to push the stream back until 9pm.

****Edit: Pizza just arrived, see you at 9:30!


lol it took us 3 hours to get pizza. There’s a snowstorm here that any vehicle could make it through - except the skip the dishes driver...


Wanted to join but this was 11:30 pm in Ontario for me and for the folks in Quebec, don't they have to be in bed by 8pm?


Haha it sure was late after having to wait so long for dinner. I think the original was scheduled for 6, which is 8 your time