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Well I was going to hack the power glove some more but you can't really hack something that you left at home :D. In it's place I will be making improvements on the some of the robots I have previously hacked, let's see what cool ideas we can come up with for improvements!

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HiĀ Jeremie, i would like to see how the MPU-6050 could be used and how fast and precise it works with ez-b in commanding servos


Hello @proteusy,

In the past ezrobot used the MPU-9150 in the 4-in-1 sensor product they used to sell. This had a MPU-6050 built-in inside as well as a compass. They mostly used this sensor to detect when the ez-robot JD fell down and then they'd automatically get him to stand back up again. Unfortunately the 9150 went obsolete and they discontinued the product soon after.

Another application where they used an accelerometer is with the ez-robot: Six. In ARC you can use the accelerometer from a phone or Wii Remote to make Six's legs tilt back and forth. It's pretty responsive.

Using the MPU-6050 would be similar. What type of application were you thinking? Balance?


Yes balance. Just as an example, could JD for example maintain balance and stay on his feet if he was on a board and that board was tilted in any direction? Would he be able to compensate fast enough?