Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

Intel Up Board as a robot controller

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I'll be installing ARC on an Intel Up Board and demonstrating its capabilities as a robot controller. I'll start from a brand new installation of Windows 10 Home edition x64. And start configuring the Up Board for use with ARC. The things I do are...

  • disable windows updates
  • set power management to max performance
  • set graphic performance to best performance
  • disable defender (realtime scanning, etc)
  • disable hibernate to free up HDD space
  • disable power savings
  • download & install drivers

Following that, we'll install ARC and run some tests. We use a USB camera that gives us 101 FPS - which is insanely high and unnecessary.


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I will be back Monday, will there be a video to watch?



At 2am in UK I have an appointment in Noddy Land, but I'll make sure I catch up with it on Sunday.

Thanks, and keep up all the good work.