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In this live stream, I am designing and discussing the Raiko Project, including proposed parts, software features, and the SolidWorks design. Raiko will be open-source once in the final stages of design!

As the viewer, you have the ability to suggest features, provide design input, and help a fellow hobbyist out with learning SolidWorks. The stream will involve:

1. Working in SolidWorks, not only showing the progress on Raiko but also demonstrating the actual process I take.   

2. General discussion on the Raiko project

3. Layout and "pre - coding" in EZ-Builder

For faster response, comment in the YouTube live chat. If you have pictures or more exhaustive comments, post in the Synthiam chat and I will check it frequently throughout the stream. In all, the stream will be about 2 hours give or take, depending on response and my creative skills in SolidWorks.

Sidenote: Off-topic discussion is welcome, as long as it is still in the realm of robotics and Synthiam!

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it looks like the cam needs more vertikel positioning,cause when you use tracking the head wil look arkward when the cam is not perfect vertikel.look at the darwin robot.he looks like he has to much viagra cause the cam is not perfect vertikel positioned.also leave some space for the eye rgb .i like the idea for the turning waist.
That was fun to watch. The chat was really delayed though - but then I realized it was delayed because I was streaming 10 minutes behind the live broadcast for some reason 

Check my comments on making your own servo slider using the servo pad in mobile interface. If you set the width really thin, and only use one servo it’ll act as a slider.
Thanks DJ. I saw them before the stream chat reset for me.
carboardHacker it stil amaze me to see people have so many talent as you.nice work.i notest you are looking to all the video's,
to see what you can i found this video whit amazing eyes.
I just watched this. Pretty cool. Thanks for putting this on CardboardHacker.

I was noting your Solidworks techniques. Would it not have been much easier to treat it as an assembly, with the body and head being sub assemblies. If you do this you can avoid all the move/copy's and your model tree will be shorter. 

Once again, nice job on the cast
Nomad Thanks for the video. 

Perry_S, I considered it, but I enjoy being able to observe the entire robot. It helps me keep a common theme. I will certainly break it down prior to the final stages but for initial work, I am just tinkering with appearance.