Live Robot Hack Session

Botmatrix Side Stream 3

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I'm going to re-visit one of my favorite projects that's been on the back burner for wayyyyyyy too long.....what project could it be?!?:D

Jeremie, you had the bot moving better than I thought it could be,smooth movements!
Thanks @Robo Rad! I hope to get Voltron walking next week! We'll see how it goes:D
:)Really enjoyed the live stream Jeremie, looking forward to the next one!
:)For me it is just fascinating to watch other people work on the custom EZ robots . I have used the same EZ 4 controller for 3 different robots and every time I need to do "surgery" to transplant the EZ Heart into another robot, all the wires,sensors,Motor controllers are still all connected like an octopuss hanging on and I have done the transplant so many times successfully that I can probably do it in my sleep! I wish my memory was as good with the EZ scripting but It always takes me a good hour to remember the script commands so the robot will function the way I want.
Thanks for the positive comments guys, I really appreciate it!

@Nomad thanks for sharing, that Voltron from the new series on Netflix. I've seen those toys at Toys'r'us here in Canada but I'm not as much of a fan of the new Voltron look as I am of the 1980's style. The original Voltron is more nostalgic for me;)