Live Robot Hack Session

Botmatrix Side Stream 2

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I'm going to do my best to finish the ROB hack!


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Just working out a few set backs, live now!
This was cool!!  I hate tat I miss the live feeds, but I love catching up.  ROB is pretty cool Jeremie!  So having never owned one, did ROB "really" play NES games because I never understood that about him.
Thanks Justin! Yeah ROB was very cool, not practical but cool looking:D I believe there was only 2 games ever produced for him. Gyromite and Stack-up. With Gyromite ROB would hold a controller and could press buttons to allow you access to different parts of the level, helpful...but not really. I haven't played Stack-up so I can't tell you how good of a game that was. ROB while being about as user friendly as the Power Glove, will live on in our hearts (and on my desk)!
I would call that a huge improvement and upgrade for ROB!!!  Sweet!