Live Robot Hack Session

Botmatrix Live Hack Session 8

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Tonight's live hack session I'll be working on the EZ-Robot interpretation of the Short Circuit Johnny 5 robot! I'll be assembling the pieces and then working in Tinker Cad to design the iconic red toolbox for it's shoulder. 

Join the chat to the right of the Live Hack video stream! I'll do my best not to neglect the chat:D 

See you tonight, probably a few minutes after 7pm!


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Oh my way! Just setting things up late as usual:D
What are you guys using to broadcast so you have two cameras in one frame live streaming?
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Hi Josh,

We're using open source software called OBS studio. The only caveat is that you have to close and reopen the software to get other input devices to show up. You can't add devices on the fly. Once setup though, it works great! It even saves all your settings automatically.