Live Robot Hack Session

Botmatrix Live Hack Session 6

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Even though I have a bunch of projects that are half finished, I do have another project idea that I'm excited about: Converting a VHS tape into a Robot! If you have some old VHS tapes that you don't mind re-purposing, hack along with me!

Materials I'll be using:

1 x Vintage VHS Tape (but not popular enough to keep :D)
1 x EZ-B IoTiny robot controller
2 x 360 Servos
1 x LiPo Battery
x Hot glue sticks

For the rest of the time I'll be taking things a bit more casually, probably testing out some different ideas I have and improving on ROB and Voltron! 

Hope to see you guys on Friday night!


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xDHey Jeremie,funny you mention glue sticks will be needed. Yesterday I was at Wal-Mart and saw glue stick refill packs and I picked them up .Got home and realize I bought the wrong size sticks.Pack says PRO STRENGTH ,FULL SIZE. so I'm thinking There is different sizes??My dollar store gun was just a Mini version and uses mini sticks. So I just went out to find this Fabled industrial strength Hi temp,larger Pro full size gun. Yes it does exist at Wal-Mart and I picked one up for 12 dollars,not too bad a price. So now reading the gun package it says 4 times the power or projects that need 8 times the power...whoaa!

Edit ----when I re-read what I posted it just comes off sounding so wrong LOL! Had to edit some of it, I am talking about glue sticks people nothing else,LOL!
hi roborad

i use transparent hot glue sticks from 11 time i wanted to use a colored white stick.
and i put them in a new glue gun.10 min after, the gun blew up,even the main fuse in my house blew up.
it was a big bang.its a good thing to read the pakkage
Wow @Nomad those are some dangerous hot glue sticks! 

@Robo Rad I guess my infinity symbol in front of the Hot glue sticks disappeared, lol. 

I'm glad that DJ's hot glue ways have rubbed off on you, it's a great way to build robots FAST:)

Good luck with your new powerful Glue Gun!:D ....reminds me of He-man....I...HAVE...THE....POWEEEERRRRR!
LOL! Ya Nomad no worries I only use the transparent glue sticks,hope it works good!
:(oh thats a bummer.9 more days.
Looking forward to friday:D
yes two more days and its night chift for me .lol
Looking forward to Friday too! @DJ want me to bring you a VHS tape to hack?:D
That’s so cool. Super original
Bummer...missed you on the last one too. Hopefully Next week!
No prob Will, you can always check the archived videos. I'd suggest stepping through them as I'm not great at commentary. 

I missed last week so I'll always be behind DJ now:D

Hope to see you next week!
Yup  I watched them all, was just referencing that we missed you from last week as well. You’ll have to do two episodes to catch up to DJ!