Live Robot Hack Session

Botmatrix Live Hack Session 6

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Even though I have a bunch of projects that are half finished, I do have another project idea that I'm excited about: Converting a VHS tape into a Robot! If you have some old VHS tapes that you don't mind re-purposing, hack along with me!

Materials I'll be using:

1 x Vintage VHS Tape (but not popular enough to keep:D)
1 x EZ-B IoTiny robot controller
2 x 360 Servos
1 x LiPo Battery
x Hot glue sticks

For the rest of the time I'll be taking things a bit more casually, probably testing out some different ideas I have and improving on ROB and Voltron! 

Hope to see you guys on Friday night!

yes two more days and its night chift for me .lol
Looking forward to Friday too! @DJ want me to bring you a VHS tape to hack?:D
That’s so cool. Super original
Bummer...missed you on the last one too. Hopefully Next week!
No prob Will, you can always check the archived videos. I'd suggest stepping through them as I'm not great at commentary. 

I missed last week so I'll always be behind DJ now:D

Hope to see you next week!
Yup  I watched them all, was just referencing that we missed you from last week as well. You’ll have to do two episodes to catch up to DJ!