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Astro Boy Live Hack....To the moon and back!

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Astro Boy Live Hack (Part 4)

The eighties Astro Boy cartoon was likely the majority of the inspiration that got me into robotics in the first place. The whole concept of a child-like robot super hero really intrigued me. The story also had a very emotional back story that had me hooked. While I don't plan on replacing my own children with robots I do feel that it would be fun to create my own version of Astro:D

The Atomic Pi SBC is now installed with windows and has ARC running with Audio support. This means we can make Astro talk and play music. This week I'll need to find out where to attach a speaker to the Atomic Pi. Looking at the size of the Atomic Pi, it looks like it will just fit within Astro's Torso.

Over the past 3 live hacks I've designed the lower skeleton of the robot in TinkerCAD, feet, shins, upper legs, and hip section. I've needed to make some tweaks to the designs and 3D print new parts. Friday it will be time to do some more test fitting and then move onto the design of the torso and arms.

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Oh man, Youtube does not make it easy when there are 2 copyright claims blocking your video. You manage to erase one with their automatic service and it works but you erase the second one and the first one pops back up. It takes over 6 hours to process a video of that size so I have to keep checking back at different times during the day to see if it worked. I apologize about the wait. I may have to ultimately manually edit out those sections of the video.
Yay, finally got it to work! I had to remove the 3 minutes of the stream at around 2hrs 56mins of the "Hotline Bling" remix. I guess the remix wasn't far enough from the original. Archive video is now available for viewing:D
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I think Sony put a great amount of work into the Qrio robot.  I woud like to have one but knowing the price range that Sony put on it's robot dog I think it will be to pricey for the average Joe.
i dont think the qrio is stil availeble.i find sony makes very neat stuf.

this hack teached me how to hide a big servo in a small box.
tomorow final print.:D