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Orders Arrived And Am Very Happy

hey all

got my orders .woohoo . i can say this is good quality .
even the mousmat is heavy quality .

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The mouse pad does look fantastic! I also like the water bottles - they're great for hot or cold liquids. JD seems happy as well!
hi dj

now i need the black version to .xD and a cap.
The zip-up hoodie is my favorite. Make sure you use the size chart to measure yourself with a tape measure first. Ordering clothes online is risky if you don't measure first:)
#4   — Edited
I really wanted one of those Hoodies. However living down in the Sub Tropics of South Florida I would seldom use it. I'm going to have to get a pair of those Flip Flops instead.

How's the base on that waterproof Bluetooth outdoor speaker? The price is outstanding.
#5   — Edited
The bass isn’t amazing. Mostly because the speaker is so small. The size makes it convenient though. I carry mine around the yard when puttering on stuff. Or it’s always handy to take on walks or when driving my quad. 

I thought you guys had a cold winter? That’s what I heard anyway. Not that it can be compared to our winter. I’ve spent the winter back home staying at my cabin on the lake to spend time with family. It’s been torture. Pretty much -30 every night and -15 everyday:(

today is one of the warmer days. Although, any time it gets close to zero degrees, it snows. So I have 5ft snow banks around my driveway. Running out of places to put snow. 

User-inserted image
Burrrr. You can have it. I worked in weather like that as a linemen for almost 40 years when I lived In Wisconsin. I have to admit though that I love it up there in the summer! Everything north of Illinois is Gods Country!

I'll raise a toast to you tonight sitting on my Lanai with my sweater on. It' s dropping down into the low 60 degrees tonight. Yes, cold for here, LOL.

It was in the mid 40 degrees last night but has been getting up into the mid 70 degrees during the day. I have the windows open with a breeze blowing through the house. Love it.
#7   — Edited
Hahaha, okay, you do that - while I sit inside and watch another snow storm that is just beginning right now. One thing I have to say is the lousy weather gives me a lot of time for robots, haha