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Live Hacks Building Robots

hi dj/jeremie

is there a possebility that live hacks and building stuff come's back ?


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Things changed when covid made my life different by working from home. Live hacks were something I did personally and unrelated to my work at Synthiam. I can't speak for Jeremie, but maybe he's not building robots because he used to be active with streaming. 

Anyone can create a stream, though - even you.
Hey that's fine DJ, you have done good over the years!  It is all integrated into the ARC program with the Question mark links. When ever I get stuck on something ,just hit a question mark in the skill. Often it will take you to a DJ or Jer YouTube Link to help you with the correct topics.Sometimes a past hack night even.Some older Question videos I saw had Proff E. Explaining stuff! They are all a big help when needed.Ha ha whatever happened to Proff E? She really is great at teaching! The old EZ robot days!:)
hi dj / robo rad

ah ok that answers my question . i can hardly speak a few words englisch so live hack is not for me .

robo rad 

indeed the videos off dj /jeremie and prof E are great . wel explaned . 
for me ez robot has changed my life for sure .actully it was a life  saver for me .
i have 5 brothers and 5 sisters and a sick dad . so there was no money for nothingxD funny dire straights .
my dreams where body building , robots , singing and playing the guitar . but with no money there was nothing to do .
so i went in the army and became a drunk  and forgot all my dreams . most off the time as a kid i was constant sick .
i was a very fragiel kid .no money no dockter visites . it was hard . then there was a time i stopped drinking and smoking .
and i learned and hear about ez robot .then a friend say to me ,wel it was your dream do it now , and i did .
the more robotics i did the more insight i got in my life and the better i could handle my demons .
a few days ago i saw my demons face for the first time all because ez robot changed my way off thinking .
after 41 years living in constant fear and sickness the end is near  . few test to go .then healing . 

That’s real great nomad that you’re doing what you love. Glad I could be part of it:)  

what tests are you getting? Hope your health is good
hi dj

it seems i have a missing enzym in my intestine . i had two times an allergic reaction on food .
they are very scary  . they last about 1 hour . its my immune syteem is fighting against myself .
it has also to do something with histamine that goes beserk when i eat . one last piece of the puzzle .

thank you
Nomad, It's awesome you got your life back on track. I know how hard that can be. You have to want to do it and It takes a lot of courage and self-esteem to pull off. Keep up the good fight. Continue to do good things for yourself like robots and taking care of your health.
hi dave 

thanks for the kind words .
Ya hope you get better there Nomad, you are a very helpful and good person, keep up the fight!
hi robo rad

i will do my best . thanks
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All the best Nomad! I hope your health gets better and that you figure out what is happening. Here in the community we really appreciate your contributions and cool ideas for new ez-robots and the different ways to modify them! 

For me, I ended up switching platforms to TikTok. I will always have a YouTube channel but I wasn't seeing any growth so I decided to move away from it for the time being. I think I will go back to it one day, but for now, I'm taking a break. Special shout out to DJ, Dave, Nomad, Robo Rad, EzAng and Fxrtst for all the support on Youtube, it was you guys that kept me going for over 50 Live Hack episodes!!!

You might see some shorts I post on YouTube but no long-form content. To be honest, TikTok has been amazing. I'm a part of the 3D printing community there and it's a lot of fun. Engagement is high on TikTok. I've grown my following to almost 8000 there, as opposed to my measly 200 on YouTube. I hope to see more of you guys on there so we can build the robot community up, it's very small right now. Synthiam just joined up as @synthiam_robotics! I'm @botmatix as usual:D and I help with @ez_robot sometimes. I'm still waiting to be able to use OBS with TikTok, that would likely get me back into live streaming again. It's available for some users and I've requested it but haven't received it yet. It will likely be a thing in the future.

I have actually always kept robot building, and now more so than ever, since I'm back at EZ-Robot. More in my professional life I guess rather than for fun. It is fun but it's sad that I can't share it a lot of the time. There's a lot of robot-related stuff in the works at EZ-Robot that I can't divulge yet.

Thanks for checking in Nomad!
Hey Jer, good to know EZ ROBOT still working on new stuff! I also,will not be doing all the cool YouTube videos I had in mind, now people live below me and on top floor so no more late night videos. The robot was built to be loud! Still a few once in a while day time.
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All my best also Nomad, my friend. Let's get back to printing :-)

Since 1999, I have learned many thinks here, so thanks DJ and everyone for your assistance.

Thanks, Jeremie, for your help, I will check out TikTok for you.