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Syncing ARC With USB/Iotinys AFTER External Power Engaged

HIi all! I have a bit of a strange question.

I am running an Inmoov off ARC with two IoTinys and an Arduino. I would like to be able to leave for the day, turning off the Inmoov. When I am about 5 minutes from arriving home, I am going to Power the Inmoov using a Wifi On/Off plug which feeds the main Power Supply. I would like the Inmoov to welcome me home, without it being energized while I am away.

I will leave ARC running while I am gone. The problem is when I turn on the Inmoov (and arudino/TInys), ARC will not sync with them until I manually push the sync button within ARC.

Is there a script I could make that will continuously scan for the Tinys, so that as soon as they are powered, it will automatically sync?

Thanks for any input!


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Hello @elektrophunktronic

I may be mistaken, someone please correct me if I am, but I don't think a solution exists to automatically "connect" to the master IoTiny with the connection skill in ARC.

I mean in Windows you can automatically connect to the WiFi address of the master IoTiny on boot but I don't believe the ARC connection skill has a way to automatically "connect" in ARC.

I know that Windows can be configured to load ARC on startup and then a macro could be written to automate the mouse to click the "connect" button in ARC for you but I don't know how to do this myself.

Maybe someone who has written macros can chime in and help you here. 

You could also ask @DJ for this feature, maybe it could be added to the preferences of ARC or added as an option in the settings of the connection skill.

I seem to remember that it may have been asked for in the past and there was some reason in particular that it wasn't added.
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From your explanation you give of your set up I assume your computer running ARC is not onboard the robot? You are running ARC and connecting to the robot over wifi?

How about this? This method assumes that the Robot is started at the same time every day.

*Start your robot on a timer to start automatically at the same time every day. Then the onboard EZB(s) will be running waiting for a connection. 
*Then on the computer that is already running (ARC will not be loaded yet) use Windows Task Scheduler to run a batch file scheduled that will launch ARC and run the INT file to make the connections to the EZB and set the robot up. This file would have to run after the robot has ben activated. 

Here are a couple articles on how to make a bat file and then launch it through Task Scheduler:
How to Schedule a Batch File to Run in Windows 11/10 Using Task Scheduler
How To Make a BAT File In Three Simple Steps

Another thought, On your computer that is running ARC do you have a setting in  the bois that will launch your operating system on power up or restart you computer after a power interrupt? If so you may be able to enable that setting and power up your computer running ARC with the same switch and at the same time the robot is activated. That way you can set up windows to run ARC, connect to the robot and run it's INT file at the same time the robot is started.
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Yes that is correct, I am running ARC on a laptop next to the robot, which connect via WiFi. I have windows configured to automatically connect to the Tinys, which is working. 

Good idea on the batch file. That may be my best bet. I could set up a remote command to my computer that will start ARC, which I can configure to connect upon start up. I have not dont this before, so I will check out those tutorials.

Thank you!
I think what I might do instead is get my Rasp Pi X running. That way I can remotely trigger a wifi relay that will automatically fire up the Pi, and then Ill have the script run ARC upon startup.
I'm glad I was able to help a little. Please let us know what ends up working for you.
There's a shortcut creator as well. It'll run a script when ARC is launched. In that script, you can use Connection Control's control commands.

The connection control has control commands for CONNECT. So it's just like pushing the connect button. Am I correct to assume the "sync button" you're referring to is the connect button? 

Here's the shortcut creator in detail: https://synthiam.com/Support/ARC-Overview/Options%20Menu/shortcut-creator
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Thanks DJ, this is likely what I'll do for the Rock Pi X. However, this got me thinking. Would I be able to write a script for a timer that will automatically run the ControlCommand() Connection every minute or so? I could start up ARC before I leave, and trigger the script to continually try and connect every minute?
@elektrophunktronic I was a bit confused there for a bit, but you mean "Rock Pi X", correct?