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Robot Project Posting Issues

I recently upgraded to Windows 11.   I am not sure if this is related.  

I am not able to complete a robot project posting because the youtube video of my project I am trying to upload will not post.

I use the youtube icon in the posting window and insert the URL.  However, it does not posting it anywhere in the BBCODE space. 

Because of this, my project will not post and there is no way to save the work at that point (:().

Anyone else have this problem?


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Others have reported this problem in the past few months. Who ever takes care of this site say it will be fixed but I guess it hasn't yet. The work around has been just to post it as a general discussion. The down side by doing it that way is that in time it will get berried and lost by the other posts.:(
Hmmm, let me take a look at it this weekend. I haven't heard anything in a while, so I assumed it was fixed. I'll do a few test posts and see what's going on.

My first guess is that you're not using the "youtube" button. If you paste a URL in the message that isn't a video, it'll be a clickable URL. Here's the button you press to paste a youtube video.
User-inserted image
I am trying to use the YouTube button. It is very frustrating if you are describing a project, can’t save it and you can’t complete the entry because it will not accept the YouTube video.
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Okay I’m gonna take a stab at it later today and see if there’s some changes I can make to improve the process. I should have a bit of time I can squeeze in later this evening. It’s Sunday but I want to see your robot:)
Thanks buddy.  Can’t wait to try it out after you update.
I’m rewriting a large chunk of it. I’m not sure what the original developer was thinking with some of the logic on that page. There’s a number of checks but it’s confusing. Stay tuned
Okie I made a bunch of changes to this. We’re gonna do an update this week.
I'll be looking for a post indicating that you have the updated completed.
DJ, did you get the update posted related to this? I tried again a few days ago and similar errors.
I'm curious about this as well.  And, I noticed that the YouTube button doesn't seem to like YouTube Shorts videos.
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Justin, I just tried the YouTube link tool and it seems to work for me. Sorry about the obnoxious video clip. 

Here's a Short. Maybe I'm not using the same type of Youtube video you are talking about?

Interesting!!  There does seem to be a slight difference in the video URL format.  By default my short has /short/ in the URL link, but yours do not.  If I go to your YouTube channel and click on Shorts I can see your video and it pops up as youtube.com/shorts/4BidFo5VGic  And that type of URL with short in the url won't work here. If I switch the /shorts/ to www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BidFo5VGic it will play and let me link it correctly in here in the message post.  I appreciate you helping me figure out it Dave!  Thank you!

All this talk of "shorts" has me looking forward to spring and summer now, lol
That is my problem too!  Its related to the "Shorts" in the URL.  I will try again without that.
Oh that explains the issues you’re having. I see now - we were struggling to figure out why it wasn’t working for you. The YouTube shorts changes the url formatting entirely. I don’t know if shorts can be embedded. I’ll have to take a look and see how that works.
DJ have you determined if YouTube shorts can be used and what the format is to make it work if it can be?