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Jeremie’S Getting A Head In Life

He’s got the body printed but hasn’t assembled it. 

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xD It's good to see you two hanging out and still playing with projects together. Good things always happen with Synthiam and EZ Robot when you guys hang out. Do you two have anything new or improved cooking? 

your above picture of Jeremie working on his head reminds me of "Jan in the pan" from the old horror movie "The Brain That Wouldn't Die". One of my favs. Creepy when she starts laughing in the end. 

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Oh I liked that movie! I have it on dvd that I got from Walmart for $5 in one of those bins years ago. I used to buy those bin dvds all the time because they’d have two or three old classics. 

I know jer is cooking up some stuff. But that’s for him to say haha. Now that it’s winter I’ll probably start doing more hack nights. I have a number of robots that I have ready to build. But I also have a bunch of little projects I keep working on, so I should share those as hack nights too
Outstanding. I loved Hack Nights. I'm glad their returning.
I’ll probably ease into it next week. Some stuff is not robot related but it’ll still be fun :). I’m excited
hi all 

nice work jeremie . great to hear hacks are comming.
Unknown Country
That is cool.keep up the good work.