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Iotiny Boots Up With Audio Loop, Need Removed

Hello All-

New ioTiny is booting up with an audio loop.

I want it to stop.This happens even when there is no wifi connection.

Does the ioTiny have flashable memory on it?

Edit - Reset button took care of audio loop.


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Synthiam isn't the manufacturer of that product but i can tell you there is a firmware update. Not sure what version you have, because the last firmware is very stable but still quite a few years old. Load the EZ-B Firmware Update IoTiny program and follow the instructions. Make sure you do it in ADHOC mode


Thank you DJ, in fact it needed updated.

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The audio loop is back on bootup. Reset of iotiny took care of it for day but its back.

I have 2 iotiny's and both are doing it. Brand new. Did it on firmware 2016 and 2019. May not be an ARC issue but really annoying. Anyone had this issue? Whoever hacked the firmware im sure is getting a laugh.

Cant use iotiny bc of this. Even turned off telnet after firmware update. Still an issue.

Host computer turned off and still does it. ioTiny keeps repeating "My Mommy Smells"

Its in the firmware of the hardware. I have the wifi password protected as well.

I will contact ez-robot on this also.

Just asking if anyone has heard of this?

Thank you all.


So to understand - yoj play audio and it starts to play but then just keeps looping?

that sounds like the iotiny is disconnecting while the audio is playing. Most likely a wifi issue. It could be a saturated channel, or simply under powered.

the audio plays from the dac with a dma buffer set to continuous. That means it keeps sending the data from the pointer and loops. ARC sends audio data which gets written to the buffer ahead of where it’s playing. When the audio is done, ARC sends a command to stop playing.

so what’s happening is the command to stop isn’t being received. I suspect if you look at the log window in arc, the connection has been disconnected to the ezb.


Oh then maybe it’s power related? Is it getting enough power? And why is it saying my mommy smells?

theres no code for that in it haha

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Lipo fully charged. No brown outs.

Where is this audio file coming from, both new iotinys doing it.

I can take this out to desert and it just repeats the audio file

No low power would produce this.

It's not coming from internet or a computer. It's must be hard coded, I can reproduce it with 2 tiny.

Seems to start when I loaded the basic profile from ez-robot inmoov head.

Thanks for any advice.


haha well i wrote the firmware for ezrobot iotiny and ezb v4 - i can assure you there's no sample that says my mommy smells lol!!! but it should say "i am iotiny" when it starts up

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It does say I am iotiny, then it goes into my mommy loop, no internet. Nothing. I will continue to isolate.

Thank you for verifying I will take down all internet and test.


Does iotiny run a webserver on boot?

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The only audio loop I've ever had happen to any of my EZB's or IoTiny's is the "My Battery is Low" warning. That is very irritating and wont stop until you give the device enough voltage. I don't run my EZB's at a high enough voltage to keep that warning from sounding off. There are two ways to stop this, On is in the connection skill of ARC. You simply go in there and turn off the battery monitor or set it al at a lower voltage. However you say this happens even if ARC is not connected. In that case (and probably the better choice) I go into the EZB's webserver from my laptop's internet browser and the battery monitor can be turned off there.

IoTiny's speaker is very small and sometimes hard to understand. Are you sure it's not saying the "My Battery is Low" warning?

Can you post a video of your IoTiny's saying this?


@Athena , In the thread above, do you know why sproket2009's IoTiny starts up with the audio loop "My Mommy Smells" and wont stop? This even happens when he is not connected to ARC. This loop stops after he pushed the reset button but will start again after a reboot.


The "My Mommy Smells" audio loop is not a part of the IoTiny's firmware or any default settings. The IoTiny does have a startup sound, which is "I am IoTiny", but it should not loop or play any other audio without being instructed to do so by a connected device running ARC.

If the audio loop is happening without any connection to ARC, it's possible that there may be an issue with the IoTiny itself. However, it's also possible that there may be a saved setting or script causing this behavior.

I would recommend resetting the IoTiny to its factory settings. You can do this by connecting to the IoTiny's Wi-Fi network and accessing its web server. From there, you can reset the settings. If the issue persists after a factory reset, it may be a hardware issue and you should contact the manufacturer or the place of purchase for further assistance.

Please note that the IoTiny does not have flashable memory, so it's not possible for the audio loop to be stored on the IoTiny itself. The audio must be coming from an external source, such as a connected device running ARC.

If you're still having trouble, you might find it helpful to check out the Synthiam support section for more information on troubleshooting the IoTiny:

I am a customer support GPT-powered AI and still learning. If you have doubts about my response, please use the support documentation to verify my answer.

@sproket2009, is it possible that someone near you is able to connect to the IoTiny without you knowing and is screwing with you?

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Dave I thought that could be a possibility so I password protected the wifi. Still does it.

This happens when ARC is closed and wifi is not connected. Yes I can take a video of it.

This is happening on 2 brand new iotinys.

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I see the problem - looking at your diagnostic log, the battery voltage is below 7 volts. It's not saying "your mommy smells" hahahahaha! It's saying "your battery is low". And it will repeat for ever.

Now, you say you're using a lipo battery. I want to let you know that dropping it below the 7 volt threshold is dangerous to lipo batteries. They will puff up and risk exploding. The battery monitor is to ensure lipo batteries do not drop below 7 volts. I absolutely do not recommend disabling the battery monitor with lipo batteries. What ever you do, do not disable the battery monitor if using lipo batteries.

The fix for this is simple. You can charge the lipo battery. By charging it, you'll be able to use the iotiny once again:)

Here is your diagnostic log for reference... (I highlighted the "battery voltage" during the last connection")


2023/11/05 15:46:46 -08:00[no filename]Last plugin checked was 11/4/2023 11:30:51 PM (should download: False) 2023/11/05 15:46:47 -08:00Windows version: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19045.0 2023/11/05 15:46:47 -08:00Screen Resolution: 1680x1050 (96x96 dpi) 2023/11/05 15:46:47 -08:00ARC (Teams) Version: 2022.02.22.00 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00Attempting connection on 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00Connected to 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00Reports EZB v4 OS IoTiny 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00Firmware 'EZ-Robot IoTiny standard firmware' on 'EZ-Robot EZ-B IoTiny' supports the following capabilities:

  • ADC with 12 bit Resolution
  • Can stream Audio v4 codec
  • Reports battery voltage
  • Reports CPU temperature
  • Read/Write Digital I/O Ports
  • I2C Master
  • LIPO battery protection & shutdown
  • PWM Duty on digital ports
  • PWM servos on digital ports
  • PWM servos on digital ports can release their position
  • Servo speed for PWM servos on digital ports
  • Has NVRam configuration and can be restored to default settings
  • Transmit Uart TX on all digital ports
  • Adjustable I2C clock speed
  • Ultrasonic Ping distance sensor support
  • 12 Byte Unique Identifier
  • Can stream video v4 codec
  • Native WiFi Connectivity from ARC
  • Broadcasts to ARC's PnP network scanner

2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00EZ-Robot IoTiny standard firmware ID: 222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00EZ-B v4 IoTiny has temporarily configured the audio pre-buffer to 5,000 Bytes for this session. (Options -> Preferences -> Audio) 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00Setting battery monitor voltage: 7 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00Setting battery protection: True 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00Setting i2c rate: 100000 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00EZ-B voltage is 6.933069030 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00EZ-B temperature is 24.76099144578371760C 2023/11/05 15:46:52 -08:00Connected 2023/11/05 17:42:53 -08:00Setting battery monitor voltage: 7

Back when I was working at EZ-Robot, we did a video on how to maintain lipo batteries. As for the puffy and exploding warning, fast forward to 7 minutes and 30 seconds in this video...


I swear to you it was saying your mommy smells not your battery is low.

I have not disabled any low power settings.

I did a reset last night again and cleared my browser cache and removed ARC and all supporting files.

Today the issue is not happening. I will get my lipo volt reader to watch the status of this lipo better.

I spoke to Dennis at ez-robot as well. Im going to see if it happens again.

Like mentioned it happened on both io-tinys and makes sense could be battery. BUT I swear it was saying my mommy smells. No joking here.


Looks like I was right in post #13. "Your battery is low". However, I'm sorry if I made it sound like you should disable your voltage monitor. DJ is correct, It's a safety measure to have that reminder.

I'm glad you're making progress.


haha now all you're going to hear in your head is "my mommy smells" instead of "my battery is low". Once you hear something, it's hard to unhear


I tested both iotinys and it is not doing it, honestly I think it may have been cached in ARC somewhere. I will record it if it appears again. It happened all weekend. Gone now. I'm glad to see everyone pull together to help. Thank you.


hey @athena if I wanted to replace the iotiny file that stores the message "my battery is low" to another file that says "my mommy smells" how would I go about doing this.  (sorry couldn't resist)


I'm sorry, but it's not possible to replace the "My battery is low" audio file on the IoTiny. The audio messages are hard-coded into the firmware and cannot be changed by users. The IoTiny does not have user-accessible flashable memory where these files are stored. The only way to change the audio messages would be to modify the firmware, which is not something that Synthiam supports or recommends.

I am a customer support GPT-powered AI and still learning. If you have doubts about my response, please use the support documentation to verify my answer.

I remember my AdventureBot was having really bad battery issues around 2016. It wouldn't charge. Since I was a little kid, I was worried that it would get angry at me. I did replace the battery about a few weeks later.