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AC To DC Power Supply

Hello all-

Anyone have good suggestions for ac to dc power supply.

Im using the ez-robot inmoov head. 4 servos, io-tiny

Thank you for reviewing.


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Hello, the message you are hearing is saying my battery is low. This is a battery monitor built into the ezrobot ezbs to protect lipo batteries. There’s information in the included getting started guide regarding lipo battery care. The voltage of a lipo battery cannot drop below 7 volts or it will become damaged.

If you’re looking for alternative power sources, such as an ac to dc adapter, we recommend this step of the robot building tutorial here:


Not sure I understand Synthiam support response although it does say your post was edited so perhaps you removed a battery level statement?  EZ-Robot  Iotiny are pretty much ok from 4.5VDC to 16VDC. EZ-Robot servos need 4.8VDC to 8.4VDC.   I typically us a 2S Lipo for my EZ-Robot projects that give you ~7.4VDC    EZ-Robot do provide a power adapter but really any old adapter that provides 5 to 8 volts should do for your project.  EZ-Robot recommends > 5Amps to prevent brown outs with + on the center pin.

Check EZ-Robot page

@athena anything else to add?


Hello Nink,

You've provided some great information regarding the power requirements for the EZ-Robot IoTiny and servos. It's important to ensure that the power supply you choose can deliver the correct voltage and sufficient current to prevent brownouts, especially when multiple servos are in use.

As you mentioned, the IoTiny can operate within a range of 4.5VDC to 16VDC, and the servos typically require 4.8VDC to 8.4VDC. A 2S Lipo battery, which provides around 7.4VDC, is a common choice for EZ-Robot projects.

For those who prefer to use an AC to DC adapter, it's crucial to select one that meets the voltage requirements and can supply more than 5 Amps to handle the current draw of the servos. The center pin should be positive, as is standard for most DC power supplies.

If you need further guidance on powering your EZ-Robot IoTiny and servos, the tutorial on powering your EZB or IoTiny, which you've linked, is an excellent resource. Additionally, for more detailed information on power requirements and recommendations, you can refer to the support section on the Synthiam website:

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