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Pandorabot Aiml 2.0

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Well the current EZ PandoraBot Control wants to connect to which is live and working just nice but only supports AIML 1.0

Now if you go to the same domain's home at it's a whole new program that supports AIML 2.0 which is vastly superior to the original specification. (Setup and account and create a bot - nicely done...) BotID's are specified as username/bot_name unlike the old site that passes around a long hexadecimal string as an id.

Any chance the old PandoraBot Control will be copied and updated so we have access to PandoraBot Control v1 and PandoraBot Control v2 ? I think their server is equipped to provide access via the new API:

Thanks, Stephen


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Stephen, Check out Supports AIML 2.0 and has its own scripting language. I use it with my bot.

Richard Z


@rz How do you integrate it with EZ to run scripts?


This is a good question. Coming from ProgramAB this pandorabots V1.0 is really meh. The 2.0 spec is where it is at.

I do like how EZB controls interface with the chatbot though. That part is good.


@Stephen I the EZB speech recognition, I have a catch phrase such as the Ok google. I use the German word for attention "Aufmerksamkeit" this pauses the EZB Speech Recognition and un-pauses the Bing Speech Recognition. Then this captured speech is then sent to Botlibre. I then parse the returned speech and have my bot say it. I will fire up my laptop and post the code I use. Still a work it progress but it works.


When Aufmerksamkeit is recognized

ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", StartListening)
ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", UnpauseListening)

Bing Speech Recognition 'Script'

#Pause long enough to capture speech.
Sleep(5000) #More then enough 5sec.

# Start the AIML Service
#ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", StopListening)

#Enable EZB Speech Recongbnition
ControlCommand("Speech Recognition", PauseOff)
#Pause Bing Speech Recognition
ControlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", PauseListening)

In Bing Speech Recognition configuration the variable is set to $HumanSaid

AIML Service

$URL ="" + $HumanSaid + "&user=XXXXXXX&password=XXXXXXXX&application=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

$Answer = HttpGet($URL)

$StringLength = length($Answer)
$StartIndex = IndexOf($Answer,"<message>")
$EndIndex = IndexOf($Answer, "</message>")

$MessageLength = $EndIndex - ($StartIndex +9)

$APIResponse = SubString($Answer,$StartIndex + 9,$MessageLength)