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Interface Builder...Future? Score 388


The User Interface Builder allows you to create interface pages for the Arc...
So currently the Interface Builder is just the mobile interface builder? With the new name is is there a planned overhaul to this to include an universal UI builder using more/all controls?

Example: As a professional robot builder, I want to create a interface for my users, without exposing ARC directly.  Maybe like different interfaces that can be saved and loaded and add controls like Mic pause on/off, etc. Also important a full screen to cover the ARC UI and press a button to minimize it to get back to Arc? Thinking out loud.

Is this the future concept for Interface builder?

Want to see this feature happen? Like it to increase the score.

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Yes and you can use the interface builder now full screen on the interface tab. Use the showControl() command to change pages of the screen.

Thats the direction it’s going.

You can also select in the project options to load the project as full screen interface builder.

only one interface can be marked as default. All other interfaces are shown using the above mentioned command
Awesome. Thank you!