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Control Of Robots In Exosphere Trough Internet With Android Phone

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This would be great to create a telepresence robot that could be accessed from everywhere in the world. Could it be possible to add this feature to the mobile app?


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That exists in exosphere. This isn’t a feature request. I’ll move it to a question in the exosphere manual when I’m in front of a computer later


Oh, looks like i don't have a function in the admin tool to change a feature request into a question. I'll answer your question here as a feature request then:). Seems like it was an easy request to fullfill since it already exists! haha

In the exosphere configuration dialog, select Telepresence. Good idea to read the question mark assistance on that option as well.

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To have the telepresence option continually stay active. Simply create a script that counts down (giving you time to stop it if needed) and re-launch the exosphere. Have the script execute when Exosphere is TASK COMPLETED the task. There's a script for that in exosphere's configuration dialog called TASK COMPLETED.

Put this in your script control that's launched when the task is completed (TASK COMPLETED)

print("Counting down before launching exosphere telepresence");

for (var x = 0; x < 10; x++) {


  sleep (1000);

ControlCommand("Exosphere", "RequestTask", "This is dj's telepresence robot");

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