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CreatedNovember 6 2017
Last updatedJanuary 16

Veterobot tracked added fire control. Low voltage laser added. Use for harassing animals for garden.

DJ Sures
December 17 2018
Do you have a video of this robot? It'd be cool to see him harassing animals in the garden:D
December 18 2018
I will try. Vetrobot has been chasing off a fox around here lately. Tough to control and video at same time.
January 5
Cool,this could come in handy for the Terminator bot I'm building! " searching for Sarah Conner...." "Wait you're not Sarah...Pew Pew"
February 4
Ha I certainly want to see this, any pics or records of  your build progress?
February 4
The Veginator, gotta have a cool name:)