Introducing Synthiam, in beta mode!

I’d like to welcome you to SynthIAM – in beta mode.

A community website designed to support initiatives of DIY robot builders and the EZ-Builder software. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing to add new website and software features that will help you build the robot of your dreams!

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....That is seriously Amazing, no really like jaw dropping.....thank you for always being clear with your path.
Thank you, DJ,  for the answers to many questions.
Anytime guys:) You know i like to answer questions
You know we (I) like asking them.....thanks for helping us through the transition. Now that the fog has cleared I can see clearly the path ahead and its VERY exciting!
Thank you for answering questions that many of us have been pondering. Follow up question, and I understand if you can't answer it, but how are you going to monitize Synthiam?  If everything is open source, how will you stay in business?