Introducing Synthiam, in beta mode!

I’d like to welcome you to SynthIAM – in beta mode.

A community website designed to support initiatives of DIY robot builders and the EZ-Builder software. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing to add new website and software features that will help you build the robot of your dreams!

Thanks for the quick feedback ! I imagined a lot of things except obliterating chars.:) 
I guess is more a technology choice and not a formatting / usability issue, unicode is highly availabl although handling Hebrew or Arabic right-to-left can be an usability issue:(   
I rarely write stuff with acute accents (US keyboard), so is not an issue for me.... maybe an issue for your Quebec (French) neighbors.:)
@ptp The website language is English only hence the limitation. But we increased the range to include accent characters for occasions like this. Your post reads fine now:)
Thanks for the support.
So no more AI translating Portuguese to Spanish;)
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I think all would agree there is a ton of info on these forums. But I find myself going back to say the same 25 threads that may apply to a project I'm working on.

Instead of creating bookmarks in my about a "Favorites" button that will save those under our account? It could be anything we would like to save there like threads or most used controls in the manual etc.

Anyone else think this would be a good idea or of value?


Instead of creating bookmarks in my about a "Favorites" button that will save those under our account? It could be anything we would like to save there like threads or most used controls in the manual etc. 
I use this kind of functionality (Save thread) in Reddit all the time, just the way you suggest.  Things that I need to be able to refer back to and want to make sure I see any updates to even if I have been away for a while.
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I can totally see the value of that feature. How about a page in user account that lists all the previously "Thumbed Up" content for the user?
That too would work equally as well.
I would like to suggest that we have one more shortcut category for starting a new post.  Something like "Discussion".

Sometimes users post links to interesting robot articles or deals on mini-PCs or other useful robot parts or just post about ideas that are not yet robot projects, but are not really questions either, just topics of discussion. There doesn't seem to be a good category to start these in.  They aren't questions, new robot projects, controls, live events or tutorials.   Closest I would use now I guess is question, and I would just add "What do you all think" to the end of the post, but that feels like cheating:)

Agree @thetechguru sometimes you are just looking for input or have a discussion on something interesting.  Question is really HOW DO I? Versus working on this or saw this and looking for input and ideas.
We optimized the community section based on most popular features of the old. There were less than .1% of general discussion and the 99+% questions on the previous forum.
Now you can review the contents you have liked in the profile section under "Liked Content"
Thanks very much...will help so much in organizing.
I think I'm going to ask the question, what others might be wondering. Hopefully there is continued transparency, which I love about this community. I'm going to simply use the quote...


In the meantime, you can find the hardware and firmware open source here:
.....every piece of EZ hardware is there. Open sourced. Confused. Could this mean no more manufactured products from EZ Robot? It makes since in regards to everything that Synthiam has been doing...creating robot software that supports so much hardware..(and growing daily).  Hopefully you can shed some light on the situation.

We always hope for the continued success of everyone we have supported and rallied for at both EZ Robot and Synthiam.
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*Note: your question was moved to an appropriate thread topic.

EZ-Robot is a separate company, and no one from Synthiam is part of EZ-Robot. Synthiam supports many hardware platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Robotis, Arduino, and EZ-Robot. You can contact EZ-Robot for hardware related questions on their website at EZ-Robot is not owned by Synthiam and has no ties other than they use Synthiam's software. EZ-Robot was acquired by National Robotics and runs as an education company to prepare students for careers in STEM related fields.

Synthiam is a robot software platform company. Our software (EZ-Builder) works across multiple hardware platforms. Think of it as Microsoft Windows. And think of the hardware as the computer Windows runs on. Microsoft is not responsible for making DELL laptops; just as Synthiam isn't responsible for EZ-Robot's product. Synthiam is the software that robot companies can use to control their robots. And, specifically technology products in form of skill controls. You can see skill controls in the product page of this website. Those are partners of Synthiam who we help make their technologies available to be used by robot builders, like yourself.

As for open source GitHub repo with hardware and software by Synthiam, it's all open sourced. Anyone can manufacturer it, including EZ-Robot. Before, the hardware that EZ-Robot created was limited to just their manufacturing ability. However, due to EZ-Robot having a strong focus on education, many products didn't get manufactured. That led Synthiam to open source the hardware for you and others to build. The partner team is having discussions with some well known DIY suppliers that will be manufacturing the hardware. The open source products on Synthiam's GitHub are reference designs for companies to build from - or for you to make at home.
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....That is seriously Amazing, no really like jaw dropping.....thank you for always being clear with your path.
Thank you, DJ,  for the answers to many questions.
Anytime guys:) You know i like to answer questions
You know we (I) like asking them.....thanks for helping us through the transition. Now that the fog has cleared I can see clearly the path ahead and its VERY exciting!
Thank you for answering questions that many of us have been pondering. Follow up question, and I understand if you can't answer it, but how are you going to monitize Synthiam?  If everything is open source, how will you stay in business?