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Happy Holidays from Synthiam!

It's that time of year again as we bring in the new year. Everyone from Synthiam would like to wish your family happy and healthy wishes. There have been plenty of new features that we have been silently adding to the website and forum. We hope you have been enjoying the new features as you discover them. There are several new things we're working on to bring in the new year, so stay tuned! 

Lastly, we hope you enjoy the avatar Santa hats. We're going to keep them for the full 12 days over the holidays. So, we hope you have a fantastic holiday season from our family to yours!


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Hi guys,
Just passing by to wish Synthiam and yal a Happy New Year!
Happy New Year proteusy!

Happy New Year Nomad 6R!

Happy New Year PTP, were ever you are, be safe!
Happy holidays to everyone. Thanks Synthiam for all the good times these past years. I'm looking to what comes next!
United Kingdom
Happy New Year to all my Robo-friends!
Happy New Year to you too
HEY Jer, have a great new year ....if you can compared to last 2 years,we are in lockdowns again over here Toronto.well most stores still open, just max 5 people at a time. Trying to buy a good quality 11.1 Lipo battery is impossible here right now, waiting for Chinese boat shipments to Vancouver or U.S. border I was told. You guys near West coast have better luck I heard!
Thanks Robo Rad! I hope you have a great new year too despite the lockdowns. That doesn't sound like fun. Do you have an amazon prime subscription? Wait times aren't too long on there.
Awe - the santa avatar hats are gone!:(