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One More Gps Question For Dj

Hey DJ,

Been getting all sorts of toys to ad to my bot. Got 5 more ultrasonic sensors, got a UART screen coming, some variable voltage boards to power the other stuff on my bot that doesn't run on 24volts, and an audio amplifier, Long range Wifi and a pretty big 802.11 antenna. I would love to get some GPS abilities to move to waypoints. I've been looking at possibly getting the Ardupilot for GPS guidance, but I've already put about 600 bucks into my project... LOL... I was just wondering if you foresee the moving to way-point feature or other GPS capabilities anytime in the near future? Man I sure wish back in the days of TRS-80's, Tandy Color Computers, and Commodore 64's I would of stuck with the programing!

Thanks for your dedication and all the time you put into this stuff, It's really fun getting to play robot builder!

I'll post some more photos soon of my project....

Maybe I'll put a big azz chicken head on the top of my bot!

Justin McClure
A.K.A. TheCrustyChicken


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