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Attaching Ez-B & Servos To Wild Thumper

I am working on my first project involving Wild Thumper, and need to figure out how to attach the different pieces (EZ-B, servos, camera, distance sensor, etc.) to the Wild Thumper chassis. The EZ-Robot Complete Kit came with several screws and other things that look like they are intended for attaching different components to stuff, but I did not come with anything that says what is for what. Also, the Wild Thumper chassis has a grid of holes for attaching things, but without something to put on the other end of the screws that came with the EZ-Robot Complete Kit, that doesn't help much. Are there any good videos on how to attach stuff to the Wild Thumper chassis? Thanks.

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Try a nut and bolt, wire tie, hot glue, sticky tape, bubble gum, plaster-cine, band-aide, melted ice cream, duct tape, any thing that will hold it to your satisfaction, what ever works use it there is no single way to fasten everything on.

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For some parts, I probably will use some of those techniques, but I would still like to know what all the screws and things included with the Complete Kit and Wild Thumper are for. If something was designed for a specific purpose/task and that task is one you need to accomplish, it is usually most efficient to use it for that task.
i looking at using aluminium mounting,easy to remove if a problem happens,light weight and and a lot stronger the hot-melt glue