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Moving An Led

I'm putting my board into a project box and I'm thinking a case mounted LED with some passive vents cut out to allow the voltage regulators to breathe. The best way I can think of doing this is to de-solder the LED, mount it to the box and re-solder jumper pins, then hook up wire from LED back to the board - that way I can easily open the box and detach the lid with ease. I've done something similar in the past and I think this is a simple process but thought I'd seek some opinions first before I missed something obviously crazy... Cheers!


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Should be a straight forward job if careful, I have done other soldering mods to my EZ-B with great success... be aware that it may invalidate any warranty.

Also add a small 5v fan to the case (tap into the EZ-B for power) even if only using low current items as vents alone will not cut it over time.

I have often thought about an enclosure... but as I am always mucking around with it, I need the ease of access.