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A Few Questions...

Hey DJ, (if your still around :P) I got a few questions...

  • Can the EZ-Robot run completely on its own? Or does it always need a computer to function?

  • My laptop apparently has Bluetooth, but I cannot seem to be able to find any option to search for devices, is there another way to connect to the EZ-Robot board?

  • The possibilities your board has opened for me are beyond words...What are some easy starter projects I can do that really show what the board can do?

Thanks for any light you can shed on theses questions.

  • Sin cera, TXTCLA55


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Hi, I know I'm not DJ, but hopefully I can shed some light. To answer your first question, no the EZB needs to run paired with a computer. Your computer is the brain and does all the complicated stuff while the EZB just tells the components what to do. Next, if your laptop has bluetooth, sometimes it comes disabled by default. Try and looking under for a help topic for how to enable your bluetooth. For starter projects you can look at the Robots page or the Project showcase


Ok, I just found out my laptop doesn't have Bluetooth:( What Bluetooth product can I use to connect? Also, do you think there would be a way to give the EZB some sort of memory or other computing power so that it can run with out a computer?


as far as giving it some memory, that was discussed here and if your computer doesn't have bluetooth, you can purchase a dongle from or ebay


No problem. Its kinda funny actually, I don't even have my ezb yet, yet to get my fix, I basically am living on the forum's at least until i get it. Then I'll be spending all my time building and takin pics.


Yea I am still deciding weather or not to get it. I am going to Value Village later today to see what toys they have and if any look like good robot platforms.


haha me to Jamerperson! ramdomly found my way onto this iste, got so excited about what i saw quickly purchased one. And now been just reading throguh all the tutorials and forums posts while waiting for it to arrive:)


Lol me too Jamerperson and Gunny!

Due to a shipment error my ezb will not arrive in 5 days, but 4-6 weeks (waiting 3 weeks now)



Ive re read this post a few times.

One questions that i was wondering too is.

HOw do you get the wall-e to make the wall-e sounds.....

They come from the, speaks to the pc, and the spunds come from it...



The PC makes the sounds, unless you embed a sound module in the robot. You can use either a remote speaker (by hacking a walkie talkie) or an Sparkfun MP3 Trigger .