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Why No Mac :,( ?

My PC recently decided to give up on life; actually the hard drive broke. So I decided that instead of paying over and over again to get this thing fixed I'd switch to a Mac.

But DJ, why dont you support the mac yet? stress

I have a solution! One of the key features of Lion OS X is the apps (or at least I think this is a new feature). So why not build a iPhone/Mac app that functions as the ARC? You can give it away free on the App store. Not only will you be giving us Mac users access to the EZB, but you'll most likely attract more makers interested in the EZB.

To me it seems like a win/win scenario, but I do hope you'll come up with a Mac version of the ARC.

So what do you think?


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Im not dj, but i hope i can answer this. Programming the ARC was pretty difficult. alot of coding. To make the program mac compatible would require alot more programming. Its not as simple as pushing a button and poof, mac compatible.

PS: if you didnt have enough money to get your pc fixed, how could you afford a mac?


Oh i see...

Well theres a huge back story to that...ready?

Fisrt off I bought my PC for a nice $500, in the past year i have had problem after problem. From virus to hard ware failure. In short I was pissed and wanted something new. The MacBook fit the bill. Plus I needed the power to run my various games, and Photoshop CS5.5 Master Collection. Which brings up another point...I wasn't going to have my PC crash with +$3,000 of software. The Mac is apparently more reliable when it comes to stuff like that.

In short, the Mac was better for my needs.


jamerperson is pretty much spot on, Its designed for windows because large portion of people use that operating system. To have it work on Mac it would pretty much mean a whole new ARC application would need to be created. Unfortuantly as DJ is only one mere mortal, finding the time to do this and then work on any new bugs associated with each release the chances of this happenly soon is unlikely.

Who knows, it might be some were on his every growing "to do" list! :)


Yea thats what I thought Gunny. The great part of a Mac is that the programming language is complex, hence the reason for virtually no viruses. However at the same time, this feature makes programming applications in general VERY hard.

I just downloaded this app called Xcode, its essentially a app creator for the mac and iPhone platforms. Perhaps I'll give it a try and work something out:P gonna take some time tho...the closest I have been to programming was the Arduino xD

Wish me luck...I'll need it.



I am from Australia Aswell @gunny