Asked July 24 2013

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Hi everyone .....
Is anyone familiar with how to connect the 2.5 Amp Motor Controller to the TCHANG DD1-1 Tank Track Chassis? The only paperwork I received with the DD1-1 is basically a description of the chassis. I appreciate it. Thanks you.

January 30 2014
For the moment i use a 9v 0.5A transformer to perform the tests, but i bought 8 AA 1.2V 2000mAh rechargeable Batteries Sanyo Eneloop on MercadoLibre (the eBay of Argentina) and they arrive in 5 or 7 days. If you put the battery pack in serial configuration generates 9.6V 2000mAh (The Arduino recommended power is about 9V to 12V, 6V is the minimum requirement). If you can wait, on Thursday February 6 or sooner i can share with you my experience with the batteries, duration of the charge, etc.

January 31 2014
Ok, thanks for sharing.
February 8 2014
Well, i had some problems connecting the Tchang's motors directly to the arduino board, it overheat and restarts. So, i separate the motors Vcc and Gnd and connect it directly to the batteries (6 x 1.2V 2000mah Sanyo Eneloop) and use a 9v Duracell battery to power the board. It works very well, separating the power source prevents the overheating and the restarts.
February 8 2014

So you use 6 x1.2V 2000mah for the motors e and a 9V battery for the arduino board.
And I presume you connect both GND pins, correct?
August 9 2018
Could I get a sketch you used for this?