Asked April 8 2014

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Tried the troubleshooting tips, I'm good on everything except I'm not getting 3.3 vdc on the power pins. What could it be? No lights on both the blue LED and the Bluetooth LED. Regulators are fine too. I tried to unplug and re-pug the chip too.

Thanks in advance.
April 9 2014
Sometimes occam's razor rules... have you tried removing the chip and then re-seating it? Since you said you are not reading +v on the 5V pin this maybe a moot point... but you never know...
April 9 2014
@Richard R
Occam's Razor is my designs may seem intricate but my mechanics are always simple...
That's actually one of the first troubleshooting tricks I did...took the chip out and re-seated it. Same with the BT.
The only thing that boggles me is I never mishandled the board, it's always just stopped working. But like I said I usually figure stuff out I'll keep trying.

A schematic would really help.
April 10 2014
D.J. has videos on troubleshooting the EZB. He will tell you where to look for the 3.3 and the 5V. If you are not getting those voltages the regulators need to be changed. If you send a request to D.J. he will probably tell you to send it to him and he will fix it and send it back. He usually pays for parts. You need to pay shipping to him. But, ask him and see. Request an RMA#.

Heres the Tutorial.

controller troubleshooting.

Good luck.
April 10 2014
@Doombot... I will have an extra V3 board to sell very soon (as I was one of the lucky ones to get the first shipment of V4)... It's yours if you want it...

April 10 2014
@Richard R

Send me an email and quote.
Thanks bro!


Already tried that, and then some. but yeah I may contact them for parts.