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Hi all
Ive been browsing this community for a couple of months now
I am an engineer from the UK ( machinist now in design)
Ive always had an interest in robotics. so I built one and am now waiting for my V4 to drive it

Although I have a decent mechanical knowledge and 3d design I am learning about electronics and software
so its all pretty new to me. I come from a time before cnc and digital micrometers and certainly before CAD which is now my job.

So on to the robot
I decided to jump in feet first and naked, with a 24 DOF biped I bought the Chinese kit from that auction site and customised it a little put on an SSC32 and an Arduino mega then I hit a wall

I got it doing some things but not much. I built a little rgb led board for the eyes and then I started easing toward the sensors on the EZ-B so I got the BT cam and fitted that (it Works) and I fitted the Distance sensor in readiness for the board.

Im still messing with the balance and some of the servos aren't up to much but all the things can be overcome.

So here are the pics so far..............

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

BTW I love browsing all the projects here there is some great work going on

Cheers guys

Commented March 2014
Very cool @drephreak. I love the creepy head and eyes. I really like the batteries on the chest too.
Commented March 2014
Welcome @drephreak! We are all excited to see how you convert your robot to an EZ-B creation :)
Commented March 2014
Welcome @drephreak....... great to have another robot enthusiast in the community and on the Forum! I didn't notice the batteries until Antron pointed them out! You will find this community generous and friendly. Search and read all the threads as much as possible , you will probably find 99 percent of your answers! but don't hesitate to ask a question anytime. The EZ-B V4 should start to ship soon but you should read the threads regarding this matter. Awesome robot you have acquired and what is its manufactured name and given name? :)
Commented March 2014
Hey @drephreak - Welcome to the EZ-Robot community! Great work on your robot :) I can't wait to see what it can do with an EZ-B v4 hooked up to it!
Commented March 2014
Thanks for all the support guys.
I have ideas for hands but it be maxing out the servo connections for the ez-b.

It's all just a waiting game now I guess

Once again thanks for the support

Asked on Saturday, March 22, 2014