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Watch "Get Started with EZ-Robot Revolution" under learning area.

Great intro video on v4.

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Commented January 2014
Will you be able to download the program or script on to the Ez-B 4, and just let the robot do its things, with out having the board connected to the computer the whole time?
Commented January 2014
@bautista greetings! I believe the answer to your question is no. The EZ B's have no useable on board memory. They are linked to the PC via Bluetooth(V3) or wireless(V4 soon to ship). I like to think of the EZB as the "nervous" system in a human and the brain as your PC(powerful and tons of memory) ..DJ's amazing programming as " a PHD in learned robotics" ....all working together to direct your servos(muscles) and other add ons!
DJ Sures
Commented January 2014
iRobot is right :) But, don't forget that you can also use your Android or iOS phone/tablet instead of the pc :)
Commented January 2014
@DJ Sooooo, Would that Android version be on the Play Store yet? *nudge. nudge* :D
Commented January 2014
I see, thanks irobot, I thought that DJ might of secretly put a chip for memory since the Ez-B 4 is composed of two boards, and probably make the robot fully autonomous, but anyways I can't wait for JD to arrive, it's gonna be great with the new app developer :D
Avatarby jdebay
Published Sunday, January 12, 2014