Asked March 11 2015

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Hey guys.

I need a little help with a small PIR sensor I picked up. Operating voltage is 4.5 v upwards so have it plugged in to D0 as analog won't be enough to power it (tried it on ADC0 but voltage meter shot up to 220). Could someone offer me a Short script example for me to work from to test if the sensor is working? I had a quick look on the forum but the very few entries I found were regarding ADC.

Many thanks.

PIR sensor

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March 11 2015

It's all good. Nothing wrong with a bit of efficiency, lol.
March 11 2015
@Steve... To be honest, I do like the challenge... But you my friend, don't need much if any help anymore... Both of us will be leaning from other guys now...
March 11 2015

Lol, I wouldn't go that far. I still have some potential questions I may need to ask about a couple of other items I want to incorporate (if I can't sort it myself that is).
September 8 2017
@Steve G
@Richard R

Can someone help me ?

Im a newbie. I want to use my HC-SR501 Mini PIR Infrared Modul.
How I connect this modul on the Digital Port ?
the pir board has an GND, Output 3,3V and Vcc (5v-20v ) connector.
the EZB 4.2 has Sig, Vin and Ground connector..
and after I use the right pins.. how I can read the parameters and how I can use this modul?

I want the same like this video:

thanks a lot
September 8 2017

this topic is two years old.this is what i found.