Asked March 25 2015

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There may be an ad first and hopefully the video isn't blocked anywhere...
I laughed so hard....:)
America on Canada
Possibly staged, but still funny nevertheless...
March 25 2015
Hey, everyone. Party around DJ's. I'll bring the party hats, lol.:D

Seriously though, if and when I ever get the time, and money, I'd love to pop over and visit you guys and take in some of that marvellous Canadian scenery. That would be pretty sweet. Maybe one day. ;)
March 25 2015
I recently met a Canadian couple headed to Florida about 5 months ago. My family and I were at a restaurant, (Denny's), he opened his wallet, and I happened to notice that his wallet contained plastic money....I asked as polite as I could, may I see that 5 Canadian Dollar Banknote...the banknote seemed brand new, as I payed for my family's dinner with an old beat up 20 dollar bill..... I asked how much to purchase the banknote, he said sure, give me a 5 dollars. I own a piece of Canadian Money, which is in a safety deposit box in a bank for my son when he get's older.
DJ Sures
March 25 2015
Wayne, quick trip to Canada and visit your favorite robot company - and the poor Canadian dollar value, you can leave with all the plastic money you can carry:)

Traveling to Canada right now due to our dollar is very affordable.
March 25 2015
Back when Vancouver became "Hollywood North" I worked there many many months on several films and met many wonderful people. My experience left a lasting impression with me. I hope one day the Canadian dollar weakens (sorry Canadian friends), so that it may become a competitive place to film. I'd love to return. I believe the last time I was there was to film a movie called the Watchmen. I think that was at least 7 years ago:(
March 26 2015
Only thing I know aboat the Great White North is you folks have a Timmy's (Tim Hortons)problem and you come spend an odd about of time and money in Maine USA.